Solar Energy


egni solar

Pant Du’s aim is to be fully self-sustainable and environmentally friendly. We’re proud to be Wales’ first solar powered Vineyard and Orchard.

Two bore holes provide all the water needed for irrigating, drinking and cider producing, and 44 solar panels positioned on the south facing roof of the café and processing plant convert energy from the sun to generate all the electricity needed to run the equipment and buildings, as well as providing surplus electricity for the national grid.

The solar array generates up to 12 kilowatts of power with the majority of the electricity being produced during the summer months when it’s needed most.

As well as the equipment within the buildings, the electricity generated also provides power for a Tesla electric car, used for Pant Du deliveries, and it also powers Bosch battery equipment used for grass cutting and hedge trimming.

Sitting in the on-site solar powered café, enjoying the spectacular scenery this Snowdonia valley has to offer, is a truly magnificent experience.

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